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Concrete Electric Pole Making Machine

Working Principle of Prestressed Concrete Electric Pole Moulds
1 The steel mould should work together with electric pole centrifugal spinning machine. The steel mold should be placed on the spinning machine smoothly.
2 Put the mixed slurry into the mold and rotate in different directions under the motor driven.
3 In this process, the redundant water in the concrete is released by the force of centrifugal, and the concrete is dense and high strength. And then, the pole forms around the inner wall of the concrete pole mold.
Formed by pressing and built and conveyed in sections,the mould of prestressed and nonprestressed concrete poles has the advantages of high strength,good rigidity,long service life and being early in transportation,quick in assembling and simple in maintenance.
Working Principle of Concrete Spun Pole Spinning Machine
 1 Adding the slurry into the steel mold for concrete pole, it is driven quickly and rotating at the same speed of the machine. Each component is separated and released under the centrifugal force. Usually the higher the slurry rotate speed, the better the slurry separating effect.
2 Centrifugal sedimentation is the use of different density of each component in the slurry, which is rotated under the centrifugal force. To realize the liquid - solid (or liquid - liquid) separation.
3 The speed of separation is slow when the viscosity of slurry is high.
4 It is good for centrifugal sedimentation when the slurry density is different in each component 

1. Free Service of plant structure design and layout plan drawings and other necessary construction drawings and guidance of construction work,office, warehouse etc and related drawings according to customers’ requirements.
2. in response to customer requests, we can make the old plant to customers the full range of the overall reorganization, update, adjust, and further improve productivity Warranty. 
3. The company provides consulting, technical training, installation, troubleshooting, equipment repair and other services, according to user needs for project planning and design, until out qualified products, so that customers worry free.
We will make every effort to provide different satisfactory solutions for prestressed concrete pipe project according to different requirements of our clients all over the world!
After-sale service:
welcome you to carry on the comparison and the choice. Please grasp the opportunity to selects and purchases , to the user of the factory build machine, my factory are in line with the “pledge hand in hand, the heart linked to heart service” guaranteed for the objective to you:
1) We promise our customers:High Qaulity , Professional Guidance,Satisfactory After-Sale Service! Hopefully to become your trustworthy supplier in China!
2) The complete machine free provides repairs one year .
Phone support
  As soon as we receive technical support requests or failure reports form our users, we will immediately contact the unit on phone and instruct the user to solve the problem.
Emergency solution
  We establish a technical team, when the occurrence of unexpected events happened we can quickly convened technical personal, make emergency technical solution immediately. For general technical solution immediately. For general technical failure, we can guide users to resolve itself by telephone.
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