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Heavy Hammer Type Animal Husbandry Fan

Heavy hammer fan, also known as negative pressure fan, is a new type of fan. It belongs to axial flow fan, because it is mainly used in negative pressure ventilation and cooling engineering, which is called negative pressure fan. Negative pressure ventilation cooling project includes two aspects of ventilation and cooling, ventilation and cooling problems are solved simultaneously. Negative pressure fan is also the application of Yu Zheng type curtain environmental protection air conditioning, positive pressure ventilation, positive pressure blower etc.. Negative pressure fan has the characteristics of large volume, super large air duct, super large fan diameter, large exhaust air volume, ultra-low energy consumption, low speed, low noise and so on.

the frame adopts automatic processing technology, advanced high precision:
thick galvanized layer, corrosion resistance strong.
2. Fan blades are measured
by static balance, the fan blades of each fan are calibrated dynamically, and
the dynamic balance is controlled within 1g, reaching the highest level in the
same industry in the world. Fan blade structure design reasonable assurance of
high strength, large volume and low noise effect.
3. high strength aluminum
magnesium alloy pulley, by sandblasting treatment, improve the beauty,
eliminate internal stress, effectively improve the strength of its own.
4. seven
strict quality testing procedures: noise detection, vibration detection, static
balance detection, dynamic balance detection, concentric rotation performance
testing, fan speed detection, and the efficiency of detection; 380V domestic
brand motor performance (protection class IP54 standard class F insulation
5. the use of high quality V triangle belt, highstrength, long life, easy replacement, installed a new belt automatic regulator, in the belt life without manual adjustment. Bearings with auto parts special ultra quiet, self lubricating bearing.
6. the use of iron air collector, glass steel collector, ABS engineering plastic air collector (three) rear safety net, easy to disassemble.
7. unique shutter automatic switch mechanism, with two non power pendulum heavy hammer, equipped with automatic device to achieve, this unique mechanism can ensure the fan running for many years without fault. 
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