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Push Pull Type Animal Husbandry Fan

Performance characteristics of push pull fan      
uses a unique open shutter mechanism can automatically open and close the
2. adopting a stamping forming process, stainless steel blade is not
deformation, not broken, beautiful and durable.
3. high precision balance
monitoring and correction, to ensure the smooth operation of the fan, no
vibration, reduce noise, effectively improve service life.
4. using special
concave fan handle handle design, not only effectively avoid the inconvenience
of loading and unloading, handling, and will not affect the fan installation
and appearance effect.
5.V type belt wheel is composed of aluminum and magnesium
alloy hot molding, high strength light weight, high strength, we can according
to sales dealers custom A belt and B belt, effectively meet the needs of
different customers.
6. high efficient and energy-saving motor, through the 3C
certification, door fan: IP55 insulation grade:
7. mechanical centrifugal open mechanism
adopts the toughness reinforced nylon 100% material injection molding, high
strength, long service life, a guide rod embedded steel parts installed in the
flange, enhances the reliability of the mechanism, to avoid changes in the
production process of nylon expansion.

Ventilation principle of push pull negative pressure fan

The negative pressure fan exports the air to make the indoor air
pressure drop, the indoor air turns thin, the animal husbandry characteristic
forms a negative pressure area, the air because of the barometric difference
compensates to flow into the room. In the practical application of the
industrial workshop, The negative pressure fan is concentrated on the side of
the workshop, and the air inlet is on the other side of the workshop. The air
flows from the intake port to the negative pressure fan to form a convection
blower. During this process, doors and windows close to the negative pressure
fan are closed and forced air flows into the workshop by the door and window of
the intake port. The air is lined up and orderly from the air inlet into the
workshop, flowing through the workshop, and out of the workshop by the negative
pressure fan. The ventilation rate is as high as 99%. Through specific
engineering design, according to the need to design ventilation rate and wind
speed, any high heat, harmful gas, dust, smoke can quickly discharge workshop,
any ventilation problems can be solved once and for all. The effect of
ventilation can be achieved within a few seconds of starting the fan.

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