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Wet Curtain Collocation Fan Use

Working principle:
cooling water or wet curtain wall cooling equipment is installed In the end of the window of plant, the negative pressure fan is installed at the opposite end. the hot air in the workshop will be drawn by negative pressure fan, at the same time  of ventilation cooling dust removal, cause pressure difference inside and outside,
 to the outside air through the cooling water curtain sheet / water evaporation the wet curtain wall heat instantly cool, cool air will be blown inside the plant Everfount, and create a comfortable, cool and clean working environment. No matter how hot summer, wet curtain cooling and negative pressure fan ventilation cooling system can use your workshop temperature is always maintained between 24 DEG ~29 DEG, the indoor air circulation, increase the oxygen content in the air, can reduce the occupation disease in a great extent, and improve work efficiency!


1. this
product is a special paper honeycomb structure material, wave height is 5mm,
the wave is 45 x 45 degrees staggered opposite. A new generation of polymer
materials and space cross-linking technology, high water absorption, high water
resistance, mildew resistance, long service life.

2. The
evaporation surface of this product is larger than that of the surface, and the
cooling effect is more than 80%.

3. this
product does not contain surfactant, natural water absorption, diffusion speed,
lasting efficacy. To achieve the performance indicators of domestic
counterparts. Natural water absorption height 60--70mm/5 minutes, 200mm/ hours,
fully meet the international standards.

4. This
product does not contain phenol and other chemicals which are easy to cause
skin allergy. It is non-toxic and harmless to human body when being installed
and used. It is green, safe, energy-saving, environmental friendly and

Remarks: all the products of the same kind in the market will
have some odor in the first / two use because of the glue compound. It will
disappear slowly after three days and five days, and the smell is non-toxic and
harmless. For the first two days, please change water frequently, so you can
quickly clean the smell, or add fresh agent.


Industrial field: textile, clothing, glass, rubber, injection molding, spray
coating, screen printing, printing,Toys, household appliances, footwear,
electronics, food processing, dyeing, laundry and other high temperature, such
as.And other factory workshops.

2. civil areas: Internet cafes, supermarkets, canteens, exhibition halls, waiting
rooms and entertainment venues, such as temperature regulation.

3. Agriculture: large farms, greenhouses, greenhouses and
livestock farms.

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